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Non Martial Arts..rant at the News

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Non Martial Arts..rant at the News

Post by Merlyn on Sat Mar 01, 2008 1:15 am

Soz all...I need a vent for my fury LOL

Is the world going crazy? Where are peoples feet? Certainly they are not on the same planet I am on !!!!

I am sitting here lisening to the radio.

News......A woman has been jailed for 4 years because she hit a cyclist while sending a text message while driving.

I agrre this is a terrible thing to happen. The sister of the cyclist says this is an important lesson for drivers to learn....

Then they say that the cyclist jumped a red light and was hit by the car.....hmmmmmmmm

So is texting while driving more important then people passing through red lights? Forgive me, but I seem to remember that a red light means STOP.

So who is at fault here? The idiot driver who was sending a ext message or the moron cyclist who felt that red lights don;t apply to him?

He rode through a red light and got his just deserts if you ask me. He could have got hit whether or not teh driver was texting...shshhh Mad

Next segement sent me through the roof........................

Some dickhead who wants to make a name for himself has critisised local government for contributing to it;s employees company pension scheme. He said that why should the tax payer contribute to a council workers pension scheme. Council workers as an unfair perk..............

What about SHELL? They have a company scheme and contribute for it;s members and we pay for that one at teh pumps! What about CADBURY'S? They have a company scheme and we pay for that with every bar of chocolate we eat.

I tell you...we're going to Hell in a handbasket !

I wish I'd never lived to see the days we are having today Sad

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