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Martial arts

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Martial arts

Post by jediwarrior on Tue Jan 15, 2008 12:08 am

just a thought and a debate

With the amount of kick boxing clubs starting do you think traditional martial arts is fading out? It seems to me that no one no longer wonts to train hard for the years it takes for a back sash. When i started learning martial arts we trained hard the instructors shouted to push you harder to get the best out of you. Now i`m thinking that no one wonts to learn the forms the disaplin and spend the hours of training and dedication. People wont the easy route i`ve seen it myself. Now if you can get a black sash in 18 months people today will take it. People now just wont to learn to spar ie kick and punch which is a shame. I remember teams like the warrior, the lau gar squad, T.A.G.B and many others now not many survive.


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Re: Martial arts

Post by Merlyn on Wed Jan 16, 2008 3:49 pm

As a practioner of Traditional Martial arts, I see people wanting the short cut as well.

Society today does not encourage people to work hard at anything....it's all easy and on a plate for you now.

Instant phone calls, instant credit, instant food, etc, etc.

We have breed a society where people want and expect everything instantly. My favorite is to hear people complain they can;t get hold of banks, shop, etc, etc out of hours and then complain when they have to work unusual hours in their role LOL.

We are all aware that ranking is a new thing within Martial Arts. We should try and strive for an art that distinguishes skill and knowledge from what colour belt someone owns :-)

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Re: Martial arts

Post by matt.k.f.s on Thu Jan 17, 2008 2:57 pm

sadly we are a xbox nation with everything given to us in 3rd person with little physical cost to ourselves and a low fat mental attitude , it is sad .
as most miss the true vision of the arts , to develope and grow.

instead they do the same shit just with a black belt , if you ask my students i rarely wear a belt , if i do it is a plain black carrying none of my dans , sometimes even a plain white that i have (true) i think it is a good way to remember my beginings.



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Re: Martial arts

Post by Sponsored content

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