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mentle or physical

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mentle or physical

Post by jediwarrior on Fri Jan 18, 2008 1:32 am

I found this and thought i`d cross post it as it seemed a good topic for a debate

I'm not quite sure how to ask this question, I suppose by now allot of the members on map already hate me for asking so many questions but this one is different (I hope) so here we go,

What is better in martial arts? Mental or physical strength?

I know most of you will say both but try choosing one and give some really good reasons behind it.

Which one will get you through the long hull?

Which one do you think conquers the other in yourself personally?

For me I'm not to sure. Because I'm both physically and mentally weak but I think in the end physical strength is the stronger one in me. I get down on myself too easily and feel like giving up, but I don't, I just try to find another way, I suppose I have a little mental strength in me otherwise I would of given up a long time ago.

The martial arts path has many twists and turns and the odd brick wall. If you can't go one way, go the other. Sometimes you can't really smash down the brick wall in front of you and you have to go around. Some people give up at this point and lose hope. It could be either because they are too lazy or no one has told them about the other route nor given them the encouragement to follow it.

I'm applying this in a way to my own life and sure other people can relate with it.

Life was never really meant to be a walk in the park. Us humans, we can't walk the park because we have a habit of making life too hard and complex for ourselves no matter how simply we live. We have always walked the obstacle course and the martial arts path is no different. In some lives - I am very aware of - the obstacle path is more harder and complex.

I suppose you, are wondering why I'm writing such a long and dull, boring post and where on earth I got the idea from to write this. To tell you the truth I got the idea from a really boring church sermon that I sat through today.

We are fortunate to learn martial arts and when we do we learn a new type of strength that allot of other people don't have. We are now equipped with the basic knowledge of how to defend ourselves from attackers and I believe it takes some form of mental strength.

I also wrote this post for martial artists who might be down in the dumps like myself. I hope this give some form of encouragement and I know that is far more complicated for us then just "toughen up."
If only it were that simple.

For those out there who aren't down in the dumps, please, please, please don't tell them - The ones down in the dumps - "Toughen up" or give them a speech about how they are complaining and that they are weak. Instead offer encouragement and support. These are sick people who could do with a bit of cheering up. This could be one of your students or follow class mates. It can be scary at first (yes, some people find the mentally ill or sick scary) but at least you have done something to help, when I mean help sometimes It might just be the thing they need. These are your martial art brothers and sisters. Family. Take care of each other. Right, I know this is so back onto the main topic.

So take a good look at the mirror, look at yourself and ask what is stronger and better, mental strength or physical strength?

Thanks for reading this and I will be looking forward to you guys and gals posts.


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Re: mentle or physical

Post by Prof. Akers on Thu Jan 24, 2008 2:36 pm

Mental - every time, no question.
Prof. Akers

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Re: mentle or physical

Post by Merlyn on Thu Jan 24, 2008 3:58 pm

I have often heard the saying...
a smaller skilled man will defeat a larger unskilled man

I have found this only to be true if the smaller man is very skilled and the larger man is very unskilled LOL.

Physical strength is always somethingt to be factored in to an strategic or tactical decision.

In my younger days I would win on strength and speed. These days I think I tend to win more on skill and experience.

I find that I can outfight younger members who rely on strength and speed, but this is a result of years if experience. I lose when I try to play the same game LOL.


Age and deception will always beat youth and skill ;-)

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Re: mentle or physical

Post by matt.k.f.s on Thu Jan 24, 2008 5:03 pm

as with the tiger and the dragon



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Re: mentle or physical

Post by Sponsored content

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